Our Custom Fine ART is designed with you in mind. Imagine your life as the beautiful showpieces in your home. Your own walls displaying your unique story artfully. Mary will work collaboratively with you to design a custom session you will love that will reflect both your family’s personality and style. No two sessions are the same.

After your initial booking reservation, you will receive additional access to your very own all-inclusive personal website tailored to your specific session type. There you will find educational guides on What to Expect, What to Wear, Displaying Your Art Work with home decor tips, and additional coaching information. To further enhance your custom experience, in person home design consultations are also offered after you have received your gallery.

Each custom session involves a considerable investment of time, vision, and resources from the artist. This type of investment is what separates and defines genuine custom photography and distinguishes a true Photographic Portrait Artist. All of the images that are carefully chosen for your gallery are individually hand-retouched with Mary’s signature editing techniques which will give your images a unique and beautiful look. Great care and detail are taken with every single image.

Here at Mary Nichols Photography, our Custom Fine Art is about YOU, your experience, and creating meaningful art of YOUR life.


All sessions are photographed in natural light either on-location, at the home studio of Mary Nichols Photography, or in your home. There is nothing more beautiful, or pure than natural light. Natural lighting will be utilized during your session to create beautiful artistic images with a more natural and organic feel to them exemplifying Mary’s signature style. When working with natural light it is important to schedule your session during specific times of the day for best results. The best time for your session will be decided during the planning process.


It is important to note that Mary has limited availability each month and her calendar fills very quickly. It is best to schedule your session with as much advance notice as possible.

Newborns: Newborn sessions should be scheduled during the second trimester of pregnancy. Newborns are best photographed between 6-14 days old. An in-depth what to expect form will be provided to properly prepare parents for their session. A wide variety of props, wraps, and other items are available for newborn sessions to provide clients with a complete and safe custom service. You may choose to purchase your own items ahead of time but it is not necessary that you do.

Babies: Baby sessions are best when booked around important milestones. (Newborn, 6 months, and 1 year) A wide variety of safe props and items are also available for baby sessions.

Children, Families, and Boudoir: Anytime.

Maternity: Maternity sessions should take place during your 28 to 34 week of pregnancy.


Newborn and Baby Safety

 **Do the babies in the galleries of the photographer you are considering look safe and content? **Does the photographer you are considering have experience? **Have they taken any education courses to learn how to properly pose newborns safely? It is extremely important that newborn photographers take into account each baby’s unique needs, and the importance of not cutting of the blood flow and circulation to a baby’s extremities when posing. **Does the photographer have a variety of safe and desirable items available for newborns? **Is it important to you that a studio option is available? **Does the photographer know how to do a composite? What is a composite you ask? A composite is the stitching together of multiple photographs to make one cohesive image. For instance a parents hands may need to be in a few images to provide the proper support to achieve “the shot”. There are several popular newborn poses circulating that require proper support resulting in a composite image. To try to achieve these poses without the proper support needed in order to bypass having to do the work of a composite shot is extremely reckless and dangerous. **Is it important to you that your photographer is vaccinated for flu and pertussis?

It is extremely important to note that being a Mom and having children does not make a person qualified, or give them the experience needed for photographing newborns and babies safely and effectively. Furthermore, it does not disqualify someone who does not have children of their own that has properly educated themselves in the art of newborn and baby portraiture. The art of being a newborn photographer is something that should be pursued and achieved carefully over time with the proper education and mentoring.

-Mary Nichols Photography

“Newborn portraiture is a specialized field. If someone is just starting out or hasn’t taken any specific training with regard to newborns, be very careful.” -Amanda McGhee of KimberlinGrayPhotography


A list of the areas most beautiful, unique, and desired places will be available to you on your personal website after the booking process is completed.


Have you ever found yourself asking the question, “Why does Custom Photography cost more, or why is Custom Photography the right choice for me?” We have the answers for you. Thank you to Marianne Drenthe for taking the time to create sound available resources regarding True Custom Photographers. Please visit the links below for educational information why Custom Photography is the right choice for YOUR LIFE.

Custom photography is an important investment in your present for your future.”

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