Meet Mary


“Hello there. I thank you for taking the time to visit! It is important that you know a little more about me, so here are some insights for you…..

First and foremost I am a wife of 11 years, and a busy mom of two little boys. My three men are my inspiration and the pieces of my soul.

I am artist.

I have been working as a professional photographer for 6 years, and have been an avid hobbyist since girlhood. I have my father and my grandfather to thank for passing along the photography gene.

I am  a dreamer, a lover of FUN, and organic creativity. I adore things that are both vintage and whimsical. I work to blend these types of elements naturally into my sessions. I love light neutral colors and if my children allowed I would fill my home with them.

   A few of my favorite hobbies are writing, reading, decorating my home, trying new things, and cooking . I am working on bringing my creativeness into the kitchen by practicing my fine cooking and barista skills. I am an unapologetic foodie and I love creating my own recipes or modifying others.

I am an advocate for womens self-defense and train regularly.

I love buying local, natural organic products and food.

I love essential oils.

I would never turn down a delicious iced coffee.

I have learned to embrace who I am and like what I like without worrying about what others think. My tastes in life are diverse and I find I can get along with almost anyone.

 I believe in Jesus.

I believe that our perspective and outlook on life is everything.

I love both historic and modern day art, scenic routes instead of highways, wine, furry throw blankets (I have an indulgent collection), the ocean, and finding the beauty that exists in the everyday.

I believe in the sharing of our gifts and try to do so whenever possible.

I love to listen to people and hear their life stories. It is a gift to me, and everyone has a story to tell.

I absolutely heart a good conversation with a two year old.

 As a custom portrait artist, it is my goal to provide my families with more than just a gallery of “good” photographs. I strive to give them an exceptional, fun, and enjoyable experience with beautiful, one of a kind, artistic creations that pull at their heartstrings telling their unique story. There is nothing more magical than seeing timeless images of your life and those you love beautifully displayed on your walls.

My dream job is what you see, preserving and creating timeless art of the lives of very special people, my clients. It would be my pleasure to do the same for you.”


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Photo Credit Itsy Bitsy Creation.